Susanne is based in Munich and works as a dancer, dance educator and researcher/choreographer.
My movement practice is influenced by movement techniques and somatic techniques such as counter technique, release technique, acrobatics, breakdance, BMC, Feldenkrais, Ideokinesis and Klein Technique, as well as by various choreographic languages and anatomical limitations. I value both: wild-and-crazy-physicality and anatomically-informed-movement.

In formats such as Physical Introduction and Physical Traces, I give the audience a sensorial entry before and after a dance performance.

I am teaching classes for professional dancers, workshops for less experienced dancers and projects in schools with a focus on kinesthetic empathy. One concern is to bring artistic research into educational contexts and to blur the line between studio and stage, training and performance. This shows in my research funded by the Kulturreferat München in dialogue with the Frankfurt dance artist Katelyn Skelley on breath as a possible practice of coexistence, the new format “Kleine Entdecker:innen” at Schauburg and in “Bewegte Anatomie” a format for schools developped together with the artist Judith Hummel.  I am part of the Nomadic Academy by Anna Konjetzky and I co-organize, together with the Playground & Co team, various exchange formats for interested people and professional dancers in Munich. In 2023/2024 I am the guest artistic director of the Bad Lemons Project.

I started my dance training in Barcelona in 2007 and studied Educational Science, European Ethnology and Comparative Religious Studies at the LMU in Munich.

In 2014 I graduated with a BA in Dance from the University of University of Dance and Music in Cologne (HfMT Köln).

Since 2013 I have been working closely with the CocoonDance company, experiencing different roles and ways of how to contribute to a working process. As a freelance dancer I co-created pieces situated in the field of New Circus and Fine Arts with Overhead Project and Özlem Alkis as well as with Stephan Herwig.

In order to deepen my interest in education/transmission, I studied the Master of Contemporary Dance Education at the HfMDK Frankfurt and graduated in 2020 with my master's thesis on kinesthetic empathy in contemporary dance (training).

Photo by Alessandro De Matteis

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