The Moving Archive contains movement impulses, tasks to train sensory perception and playful instructions for movement in relation to other bodies and beyond. It bundles my continuous movement research and is a personal archive as well as a tool for interested colleagues and people who are curious and open to movement experiences.

The Moving Archive itself is in motion – it can be expanded, reconfigured and redesigned.
Drag and drop the text, video, and photo elements to restyle, select, and rearrange them. You can be guided by the impulse suggested on the website or simply let your own joy of playing run free. In addition to your own selection, the archive can be filtered by sensing, seeing, listening and breathing as different sensory approaches to movement. You can also filter by individual, partner and group tasks. Individual tasks aim to create a "reflexive body" that absorbs and processes sensory information from inside the body and the environment. Partner and group tasks aim at an "intersubjective body", a body that establishes relationships within other bodies in space and beyond.

Use and discover the Moving Archive:

︎︎︎ 👀 DRAG & DROP
(the interactive section)


I would like to thank all supporters and contributors of the Moving Archive. Different perspectives, impulses and experiences of dancers, dance educators and artists have been incorporated into the design, the tasks and the movement impulses of the archive.

Thanks to
Katelyn Skelley, Ellie Hochdörfer, Olive Bieringa, Alexandra Paal, Quindell Orton, Laura Saumweber, Patscharaporn Distakul, Laura Manz, Angie Wörgartner, Judith Hummels, Barbara Galli-Jescheck, Lena Grossmann, Sabine Karb, Lisa Lugo, Dennis Door, Ellen Steinmüller, Simone Lindner, die Teilnehmer:innen des IG Profitraining Köln.

The Moving Archive is supported as part of the scholarship program of the Freistaat Bayern Junge Kunst und neue Wege.