task for groups (Intersubjective Body)
task for partners (Intersubjective Body)
With partners, use a timer to measure how many times the chest and abdomen rise in a minute. This is your personal Respiratory Rate (RR). Find a comfortable position. Follow the breathing in your chest and your belly, noticing the timing of the breath, the depth, the space after each inhalation and exhalation. This steady, constant rhythm and breathing volume nourishes your body as it needs it. Gradually bring the RR into perceptible movement. Start by moving your hands only on the inhale, then on the exhale, then on the pauses, then on the inhale and exhale. Spread the exploration of movement with your RR to other joint spaces in your body. Start to move in space and to open the awareness of others while staying with your movement connected to your RR. Variation: Let musical impulses “shake up” your movement and trust that you can return to your RR. Get closer to the people around you and notice subtle differences. Find a partner and match their RR and then find your own again.